Everyone benefits from therapy, but not every person should see the same therapist. If this enriching relationship is going to be life-altering, it ought to be a good fit. Think back to those colorful shaped pegs from your childhood. No matter how hard you tried, the star-shaped peg would never fit into the square-shaped hole.  People are not pegs, nor is therapy a plastic toy. But the concept is the same. Everybody is unique, owning their own shape and color and flavor, and every therapist has their own specialties and focuses and strengths. If someone is reaching out for mental health care, then they ought to be able to find it efficiently and pleasantly. That’s where referrals come in.  Networking is done a million different ways, and depending on your circle, you may never interact with someone in a different sphere. (Again, think back to the pegs. See how powerful the things from our childhood are?!) Why let old standards influence the care a client receives?  There is no wrong door to the right services. There is no wrong therapist, even if they are not the right fit. How so? That peg can be taken to a whole different box where it may fit in several different holes. The important part is getting the peg to come to the box. Don’t lose or frustrate them whenever they do! Therapists’ goals are to market their authentic self; we all acknowledge that we cannot be all things to all people. This is why having connections with other phenomenal practitioners is paramount. Gide is a closed-referral network that provides therapists a streamlined method of referring clients to improve the client-therapist fit. Reports indicate that as high as 57 percent of clients drop out of therapy after their first visit, and up to 45 percent go after their second visit. There are many reasons why this could be the case, but one very controllable factor is the alignment of the client and clinician. If connection isn’t there, that’s okay. Gide empowers the therapist to be a gate-keeper to the entire mental health ecosystem. Forcing clients to find a better therapist is a daunting task, but it could be so simple. Who better to navigate the various licensures, therapies, and focus areas than the therapists themselves? Join us at Gide, where referrals match your strengths and bring you energy and enthusiasm. Reclaim control of your part of the ecosystem. Happy therapists equal happy clients. https://gide.me