The physicians at Mindful want to improve access to quality mental health content, including support groups and non-medical support for patients and caregivers.  Any kiddo that has worked with me in the last 7 years knows their “Two Jobs.”  To complement the amazing medical services our Mindful physicians provide, we’ve partnered with Simply Psych to participate in MHint, an exclusive social network for like-minded folks eager to expand their mental health experience: 

MHint allows mental health clinicians to teach and support mental health conversations in synchronous and asynchronous groups at a lower price point ($10/month; $100/year).  .  Similar to a private Facebook group, the network allows for a free-flowing exchange of ideas, resources, and support but with a therapy-based approach.

As a moderated forum, MHint has a zero tolerance policy for unhelpful behaviors (bullying, harassment, drama) because we’re fostering a safe and inclusive space.  There will be absolutely no medical advice provided via MHint.  All medical and treatment plan discussions should stay with your clinician, psychiatrist, therapist.  MHint is meant to add to, not replace psychiatric/therapeutic care.

Your participation in MHint will not affect your clinical care at Mindful; MHint is completely voluntary and optional.  As it grows, we’ll have space for local therapists and counselors to lead classes and expose everyone to content that’s timely and helpful.  You’re encouraged to invite friends and family as well.  We hope that by giving you more options for quality content, we all benefit from the social healing.   

MHint is the brainchild of Dr. Brian J. Dixon, M.D. who hopes to build Fort Worth into the mental health hub for training, treatment, research, and entrepreneurship.  Join our docs!